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2019 & You

All the 2019 projections and trajectory assessments flood in right when time is precious and limited...the holidays. So most give them a quick skim and make choices based on the gut feeling from media driven accounts fo the future. Give your family and yourself the gift of paying attention to your portfolio, your strategy, and your position. Economic trajectory is only one element of wealth architecture strategy. The only thing that is certain is the 2019 economy is uncertain: we are in the midst of the only time in history a decade passed without a recession, an incredibly long run bull market, an incredibly long run housing market. The trend will not continue. I am not interested in throwing more data at you at the busiest time of the year. If your strategy for 2019 and beyond is not defined or it is time to review it for potential tweaks schedule an appointment for January and have a carefree, memorable, and cherished holiday season. Happy holidays!

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