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Why Women need Long Term Care Coverage

commitment a woman is most likely to be the care provider for everyone around her. If your husband or parents do not believe long term care coverage is necessary then have the tough conversation and make it clear that the woman who survives her parents and husband is very unlikely to have enough money left to buy care for herself. Here are the ALARMING basics:

We can't afford the care -37% of adult women live in poverty - The average household income for women living alone post age 75 is $14,600 per YEAR and the cost for long term care is averages $3,628 - $6,844 per MONTH depending upon what the recipient's needs are

We live longer -This is common knowledge, about 5 additional years

We spend more time in a disable stated compared to men -An average of 3 years requiring daily care, 70% of nursing home residents, 75% of assisted living residents, and 75% of in home assistant recipients and are women

We use 2/3 of the all of the American dollars spent on long term care - Despite being 5 times more likely to survive solely off social security, which is being reduced in just 16 years.

We are the caregivers, no one is there to take care of us - The typical caregiver is a 46 year old women dedicating 20 hours per week to her family's long term care for free and she is 2.5 times more likely to then end up in poverty herself than a woman not providing care to her family

Long term care is one of the most critical elements of retirement planning, and it is rarely discussed because it is SCARY. No one wants to imagine the day when they can no longer bathe without assistance. Reality is if you want to ensure everyone in your family can navigate those years with dignity and a decent quality of life the strategy has to be put into place for every family member while there is time for the funds to accumulate. That is what allows these policies to be affordable. Let's talk about it and figure out how long term care is going to impact your life (as the care giver or the recipient) : 678-446-2046

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