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Social Security is "Creepy"

Well, it is not creepy so much as it is creeping..."Full Retirement Age" (FRA) is the title of the date at which you can collect your maximum retirement benefit amount. It's creeping upward in two month increments over the next six years from age 66 to age 67. You can and should create a circumstance that will result in the optimum benefit amount. Strategizing is not as easy as it seems. In fact, there are people that actually make entire careers out of just helping folks figure out how to maximize their payments. (Of course we have one on our team!) Tricky part is ALL of the strategies require time to execute, years, usually many years. If you wait until you are 60 something to optimize and strategize it severely limits your options and likely your retirement cashflow. If you have not worked with us to strategize yet, it's time to have that conversation. Schedule a hour for a review! This 90 second read does an excellent job of illustrating how much room there really is to impact your benefit amount and how complex it is to harness all of the variables. Read entire article here.

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