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Atlanta Housing Market Correction

Available housing inventory is becoming scarce and prices are continuing to climb. We have enjoyed an upward trajectory for quite a while. For a couple of years now we at DSG been anticipating a correction in late 2018-2020. Unless new dynamics are presented I do not believe that anyone is expecting or considering a dramatic or particularly uncomfortable correction, myself included. This is a good 90 second read evaluating ancillary factors suggesting a correction for the Atlanta housing market is just around the corner. We dug up this piece from our 2017 archives as it remains relevant and is a reminder of much upward pressure the market can bear. Just remember the correction may be proportionate to the climb. Control your downside risk by diversifying not just with product classes but also with value classes. High value assets and entry level assets are both critical elements of a healthy portfolio. Click here for article. Real estate participations to take: Debt and fixed disposition. To explore how to capitalize on today's conditions shoot me an email and lets connect.

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