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This is What You Should Be Saving For

People ask me all the time, why do I double dip and stay on top of the real estate and insurance markets? Is that not the same thing as a single mother choosing to work two jobs when she doesn't have to?

Early in my career (2009ish) I began studying market saturation trends, trajectory, and projections and recognized that as baby boomers saturated the retirement class real estate would be one of the largest and most pivotal elements of their retirement plan.

To properly serve my clients I genuinely believe intimate insight into both markets is critical. I simply cannot let my edge slip with either one. Often clients approach me too late in life to be repositioned and accumulate the wealth necessary to have their needs met in retirement. At that juncture we have to look to mitigate expenses and related estate is often the answer. Being savvy enough to find property at below market price points when inventory is low, as it is now, has literally been the difference between clients being uncomfortable and reliant on their children and independence in retirement. While I am not a huge fan of "Market Watch" this brief article provide clear and concise information on where retirees dollars are really being spent. Read the article here.

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