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High tech or high touch?

Whether retirement accounts or ability to trade on your own the tech industry has done an excellent job of making products inexpensive and accessible to end users. On the surface there are viable benefits such as savings on fees or personal control of product selection. Ethical financial professionals are proactive tools to provide information, access, and account management empowering you to take as much charge of crafting your financial portfolio as you like... wisely. and At DSG we spend a minimum of 26 hours per week 43 weeks per year sourcing, testing, evaluating, and sometimes building products that are the best performing in the market. Don't let the tech advances allow you to skip having a professional provide a custom tailored touch and high performance service that does what tech cannot: Apply razor sharp intuition and wisdom. After you retire is not the time to recognize the value of having a professional in your corner. Click to read the article.

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