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EXPOSED: Generic Percentage "Rules"

This article asserts the failure of generic percentage rules in retirement planning. People trusted advisor's hype about the 4% and 10% "rules". Seriously, consider the emotional experience of contemplating selling a home because money is running out. Horrific, yet avoidable.. You deserve help, not hype. At DSG we are simply not into generic percentage based rules, we believe in data driven decision making. Seriously folks, a little math goes a long way. We don't agree with the entire article, it really short changed people on financial strategy options (that's why we are here for you) but we love to finally see all these myths about "general rules of thumb" that constantly fail and harm people being exposed. It is about time people start to face the facts: EVERY person has a unique circumstance with different variables and every person deserves custom tailored plans, regardless of their net worth, and need solutions that they control. Click to read.

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