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NEW LAW relating to your retirement accounts goes in affect in less than a week, get the facts.

Your financial professionals have never actually had to give you advice that was in your best interest. (Pause for dramatic effect.) On April 10, 2017 they will.

BRASS TACKS: Your relationship with your advisor is changing, did they tell you? If not, why not? Are commissions a thing of the past, what to expect from your current financial team, why didn't my broker say anything? This article is full of the details you need to understand to strategically manage your relationship with financial service professionals and wisely select the experts on your team: Click for entire article

Analysis is what we've always done, we didn't need a law to provide our clients the very best. We have a uniquely crafted and qualified team that focuses on intelligence driven decision making, we don't present the data, we give you the tools to evaluate it and make wise decisions. If you would like help sorting through this we are here for you.

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