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Investors LOVE tracking their invested dollar. There's something enjoyable about watching the play by play in a bullish market. When the market takes a down turn it is a bit less fun. We've had clients experience a 40% loss due to market volatility. Can you imagine putting $100,000 in an investment and only having $40,000 when life requires you to cash out? Our clients do not have to! Our clients would have maintained their $100,000 regardless of market down turn, but enjoyed an aggressive increase when the market performed well.

We provide a zero loss option that enables you to capitalize on market movement with a DAILY BAV, ability to control the index value lock in point YOURSELF, and enjoy POWERFUL tax deferred growth. We can't think of any type of client that doesn't need a portion of their assets protected from market downturns that does not require legal expenses or process to furnish payment to the beneficiary.

In the interest of time let's focus in on 2 quick features:

1) True "First to Die": This product recognizes husband and wife as co-annuitiants then monetizes for the surviving spouse, not matter who dies first. Every other product I've seen requires you to plan for who dies first often leaving the surviving spouse poorly positioned and unable to get the funds they need when they need them.

2) Daily BAV: How many annuity owners do you think die on their annuity contract date? Stop laughing a moment and recognize what most annuity products do with your interest for the unfinished term. The insurance company does NOT credit the interest to your account. The beneficiary will not receive 23 months of interest. Unless of course you allow us to place you with an elite, heavily backtested, well performing product that credits daily, ensuring you receive interest for every day the money is in the product regardless of date of death.

If you haven't set aside a portion of your assets we urge you not to wait until after the next market correction instead do it when you stand to realize a profit for repositioning your assets. For help calculating what portion of your assets to position in a zero loss moderate growth account give us a shout!

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