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Bank CDs versus MYGAs. If you're not sure what an MYGA is, dive right in!

February 15, 2017


 Are you a saver? Then you likely enjoyed traditional bank issued Certificate of Deposit that offered a guaranteed interest rate coupled with a fairly short commitment. MYGAs also do EXACTLY that. They also eliminate the 1099 you receive at the end of each year causing you to pay tax on the interest earned. Instead the interest becomes part of the amount that future interest will be calculated off. This tax deferral is a powerful way to grow your money! You'll pay tax on the money at some point, but while it stays in a qualifying product you will not be taxed (while in the account the tax you will eventually owe isn't dissimilar to a 0% interest loan from Uncle Sam that you are earning interest of off). For current rates please give us a call!

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