You know what is TERRIBLE? That lenders and real estate professionals are circulating rent versus buy calculators that are NOT AT ALL REALISTIC to give you a false sense of security that you are making an informed, intelligent, data driven decision about whether to ren...

The 2016 Combat Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act is the catalyst for refunds between $1,750 - $3,200 totaling $228 Million related to disability severance pay. There is just one year to take action and receive your refund. So many people simply assume that letter from...

The majority of the life policies in my product portfolio are feature rich. So feature rich that often folks don't realize how powerful a tool they can be while you are alive. They simply don't retain all the information I give them when at the policy delivery and revi...

I promise, it's everything this list of stats says it is. I've met thousands of widowers and widows and they ALL say the same thing: It's so different than what I expected. Take a quiet moment and consider whether the realities of these stats are something you are plan...

People ask me all the time, why do I double dip and stay on top of the real estate and insurance markets? Is that not the same thing as a single mother choosing to work two jobs when she doesn't have to?

Early in my career (2009ish) I began studying market saturation t...

12,000 properties with roughy 433 million square feet totaling around $55 Billion are located within the impact area. CoStar has released their initial stats and white paper on the event. Of interest are the most valuable properties list, the clear depiction of what ar...

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